Do you now best-post-pregnancy-physiotherapy? Did you know that while pregnancy and childbirth bring about enormous joy and happiness, they can also have a negative impact on a mother’s body? Ensure the mother receives the greatest physiotherapy after giving birth and aid her in adjusting to the physical changes she will experience during the post-natal period. Take advantage of Dr Hironmoy sil Physiotherapy services right away to heal from all post-natal injuries quickly.

best-post-pregnancy-physiotherapy Services in Kolkata

Pregnancy causes significant physical changes in a woman. Stretching stretches the body’s muscles, particularly those in the pelvic floor and abdomen. Because of this, even the ligaments deteriorate. As ligaments support joints, a woman who has fragile ligaments is more prone to have a joint injury or muscle sprain. The best way to take care of a woman’s body after childbirth is through physiotherapy. Simple workouts that will aid in muscle building are part of the treatment.

Sleep deprivation and the strain of caring for a newborn are part of the early post-natal phases. A woman must deal with her body’s physical and hormonal changes in addition to all the difficulties associated with caring for the newborn. A new mother generally faces muscle weakness, joint pains, and other physical ailments. The best way to recover from the pain is by exercising. However, over-exercising is also not recommendable. You need a professional to advise in this phase. Doctors recommend post-natal physiotherapy

A woman needs Post-Pregnancy Physiotherapy treatments up to 6 weeks of giving birth. You need professional advice for exercising as some of the exercises might hurt your body. A professional physiotherapist will guide you through the process based on your condition

  • We have a team of certified and experienced physiotherapists to perform case-based treatments
  • There is an option for peaceful clinic-based treatment
  • We offer 24×7 home-based physiotherapy sessions
  • Economical physiotherapy services

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