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Physiotherapy is a Universal Truth .Everyone  know , a physical therapist can get you on the right track for pain-free movement, which is essential to engaging in your favorite physical activities to prevent so many chronic diseases and have fun too. With the help of a physical therapist, you can recover from a variety of ailments. While surgery and medication are considered the best treatments for some diagnoses, physical therapy can be just as effective in some cases.

Take back pain, for example. Evidence suggests that this condition is overtreated with imaging, prescription drugs, and surgery , whereas early physical therapy may be a truly cost-effective treatment . The same is true when we talk about moderate meniscal tears or knee osteoarthritis, physical therapy can also be used as first-line treatment . What about non-traumatic rotator cuff tears? Guess what? In terms of outcomes, there was no difference between surgery and physical therapy . So why choose surgery?However, everyone is unique, so physiotherapists work with other healthcare professionals to always give you the best treatment you need