How Can Physiotherapy Help Me?

Physiotherapy believes in striking at the core of a problem and gives the proper remedy to the patients. First of all, the physiotherapist Kolkata needs to investigate the root cause of the problem and then go about their remedial plan. A lot of factors need to be addressed while making the treatment plan. These factors act as catalyst to the problem further aggravating it. These are mainly poor posture, bad habits, stress related issues, working at nights, lack of sleep, food habits etc.

Research and Development

The Research and Development methodology of physiotherapy is perhaps the most important part as the professional team needs to constantly do research on their varied subject. Since Physiotherapy is applicable to practically all disciplines of medical science, it is imperative and absolutely essential for the physiotherapist to indulge in research and methodology activity. Dr Sil is held with the highest regard as he goes on with his research and development program constantly striving …



The motor movements of the body control the functioning of all the parts of the body. It is perhaps the most important part of the body’s functions where we are able to move our hands, fingers, legs, fold our knees, bend our backs and practically all movements of the human body. There are many instances where the human body has serious injuries, tearing of ligaments, burns and other diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis where the body movement gets severely affected. Kolkata Physiotherapist provides the remedy to such serious issues where step by step measures are taken to revive the body motor movements of individuals so that they can do their basic day to day work and lead a normal life.

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Do you think you need Physiotherapy help but you are not sure where to go? You have come to the right place as you get a free consultation from Dr.Hironmoy Sil and his team for 10 minutes. You can call him on his toll free number [1800-00-0000] between 10 am – 12 noon and 8 pm – 10 pm. Rest of the times, his physiotherapy team will be there to address your calls. Free consultations come without any obligation where the patient can judge their problems and take the necessary steps.
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Jagmohan Dalmiya Pic
Jagmohan Dalmiya
I have been quite lucky to have Dr.Sil as my physiotherapist. Your detailed approach and the authoritative approach to stop unnecessary medicine have done me a world of good. There are no words to express the kind of professionalism you have shown in the past years and hoping to get the same in the years to come.

Dr. Devi P. Shetty Pic
Dr. Devi P. Shetty
I’m very happy with the physiotherapy services I’ve received at your clinic. Your initial assesment was very thorough and the exercises have helped. The clinic atmosphere is great.

Ronit Basu Pic
Ronit Basu
In recent years coaching golf has changed dramatically. Today’s top golf coaches are beginning to understand the importance of sport science, coaching teams and integration.

Nikhil Yadav pic
Nikhil Yadav
I have always had a positive experience every time I have visited Family Physiotherapy. From the initial assessment to each treatment, I am always very thorough and detailed oriented.

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Physiotherapy uses various exercises and massage therapies that encourage the body for healing itself. The technique uses to rehabilitate muscle movements of patients to get relief from pains associated with some injuries or accidents. The therapy believes to investigate a root cause of muscle problem and offers a remedy to patients using oil massage.

The physiotherapists are well trained in basic biological sciences such as physiology, anatomy, immunology, pathology, genetics, pharmacology and endocrinology. This basic training makes them accomplished of finding all kinds of muscle issues like injuries by sports and athletics, orthopedic health and many more.

While making a treatment plan, physiotherapists analyze body habits such as poor posture, issues due to stress, lack of sleep, nightshift at work, food habits and many more. It is also considered as a primary health care technique to heal from various muscular health issues. As per the new research, physiotherapy plays an important role to cure respiratory syndromes where patients cannot breathe through the nose instead they breathe through the mouth.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome is considered as serious problem of respiratory system. It forces the patient to breathe through mouth of other artificial system instead of nose. The respiratory syndrome includes conditions that affect the chronic bronchitis, lungs, cystic fibrosis and emphysema.

The aim of physiotherapy is nothing but to improve oxygenation so, patient can breathe easily. Physiotherapist in Kolkata uses various treatments and the common techniques include physical training for respiratory and peripheral muscles, breathing exercises and bronchopulmonary hygiene methods. The result shows that physical training of respiratory system can improve the strength of respiratory muscles and breathing exercises can be helpful for asthma treatments.