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Welcome to the world of physiotherapy. Those of you who are having any misconception of physiotherapy as a must need practice in the daily lives of each and every individual can have an in depth study of the site. The daily ergonomic practice of a correct posture and good habits makes way for a healthy and smooth life. Physiotherapy is in itself a vast method which is used in practically all ailments be it pre and post surgery, cardiopulmonary, orthpaedic, paediatric, neurology, heart ailments, stroke, sports injuries, burn treatment, cerebral palsy, respiratory syndromes, pregnancy, spinal problems and a lot more. It helps a person to regain mobility by the ability to perform day-to-day functions by improving motor skills. One should know the function of their body and what should be the best possible care that needs to be taken to have a good life.

The website gives the reader an insight into the importance of physiotherapy in the common ailments prevailing amongst majority of us. The reader can browse through the different sections where they will be enlightened about the use of physiotherapy. Maintenance of high class physical therapy in accordance with the international standards remains a top priority with the availability of state of the art machinery and technology to deliver you nothing but the best treatment and consultation.

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Arthritis is the inflammation caused by the breakdown of cartilage in the joints thereby affecting the joints. In simpler terms it can be explained that the joints function smoothly only when the cartilage acts as a lubricant in the joints allowing free movement. Cartilage absorbs all the shock and a breakdown in cartilage will make the bones come in contact with each other causing pain.

Back Pain

Back pain is perhaps the most common problems individuals face in todays life. It is mainly due to improper posture at work place and exertion of the body. The pain originates from the bones and joints from where the various kind of back pain forms like neck pain and the tailbone. Muscle spasms and muscle imbalances are also a common cause of back pain.

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis is a disorder where the discs which act as a soft cushion between the vertebrae i.e the bones of the neck degenerates. Pressure is created on the nerves as they rub against each other leading to friction and erosion of the bones which might move out of their position leading to considerable pain and disability.

Chest Physiotherapy

Chest Physiotherapy is associated with a range of treatments which improves the respiratory improved oxygen supply to the body of the respiratory muscles and eliminates secretion from the respiratory system. Clearing of secretion from the lungs is an important function conducted through chest physiotherapy. There are a wide range of procedures which are conducted like Percussion and Deep Breathing which depends on the condition of the patients.

Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is a common symptom amongst all individuals.One of the most common elbow pains is Tendonitis which is an inflammation and injury of the tendons. Tennis elbows occur in the outer arm for people playing tennis regularly. This process is also called medically as Lateral Epicondylitis. Golfers have injuries to the inner side of the arm joint which is known as the medial epicondylitis. Depending on the type of elbow pain.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder occurs when the ligaments in the joint capsule of the shoulder joint becomes inflamed resulting in considerable pain in the shoulder. The indications of frozen shoulder are stiffness in the shoulder and decrease in motion of the shoulders which results in the loss of shoulder movement.

Golfer's Elbow

Medial epicondylitis or the golfers elbow is an elbow pain where the golfers have injuries to the inner side of the arm joint. The overuse of the muscles leads to such a phenomenon where the inner ligament of the muscle gets over stretched leading to such a problem. It is a form of tendonitis where inflammation is caused to the tendons attaching the muscles and the bones.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is the most common occurring pain in a human body. The logic is simple. It is the most used part of the human body. Whether you stand the knee is in the thick of things. The overusing of the knee leads to Knee Pain where it is intermittent in the beginning and worsens with time if left unattended. Doing too much exercise after a length of time also leads to knee pain as too much pressure is exerted on the body too soon.

Post Operative Conditions

Post Operative conditions are extremely critical where the patients require good physiotherapy to take care of post operative conditions. It all depends on the type of surgery been done on a patient, the history of the patient while planning a physiotherapeutic rehabilitation program for the patients. Post operative complications normally arise from Common surgeries requiring physiotherapy as post operative care can reduce them considerably and can act as a catalyst for a faster recovery. Complications like wound infection, post-op fever, minor lung collapse known as atelectasis, primary haemorrhage, infection, respiratory problems and a lot more can be dealt with physiotherapy.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive Strain Injury is the most common injury caused due to occupational hazards by todays young working class. Constant clicking of a mouse long hours in front of the computer causes repetitive strain to the eye and musculoskeletal disorders. This is also known as a Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD) which stems up from our repetitive weeks after weeks which causes microscopic tears and can be extremely harmful in the long term. These repetitive tasks also include poor posture, eye problems which can be alarming.


Pain due to Wrong Posture

[Source: Sananda Sampurna, Your Body, 1st Edition]

Wrong postural problems, sitting in the chair with a wrong posture leads to grave problems with substantial pain in individuals. Prevention is better than cure – is the basic terminology that is always suggested. The basic but extremely useful suggestions are…

When your child is handicapped

[Source: Sananda Sampurna, Your Child, 1st Edition]

Parents of Spastic children should not lose patience and go to a special therapist and educator.

Spasticity is a symptom of cerebral palsy. This happens mainly due to genetic disorders but brain strokes, multiple scorosis, injuries to the spinal cords can lead to spasticity in normal child also. Therefore parents should take care for the following.

Sleep Apnea

[Source: Aajkal Sustho, October 2004]

The main cause for snoring is sleep apnea. Oropharynx is a part of pharynx. If there is any obstruction in the oropharynx then it leads to snoring. This leads to headaches, concentration lapse, breathlessness, infertility and stressful mindset.

Sleep Apnea can be detected from “Polysonography” which is a sleep study test used with a special instrument called C.P.A.P [means continuos positive airway pressure]. The test should be done only on prescription of a doctor.

Chest Physiotherapy in Breathlessness

[Source: Aajbikash, 24th February, 2009]

Physiotherapy is not only about pain in body parts like knees or other postural problems. Lungs and breathing problems can be cured by pulmonary physiotherapy. Lungs can have various diseases like ‘Systic Fibrosis’, ‘C.O.P.D’ that can be cured by chest physiotherapy. Paralyzed patients have reduced lung function which can be cured with chest physiotherapy.

Treatment to increase lung functions involves clapping, percussion, back pressing or pressing at the right places, lung toileting. Paralyzed patients are made to cough to increase lung functionalities. Positive expiratory pressure (PEP), small rapid vibration, tremor are also methods to cure a patient.

People should be more aware of these facts and consult a chest physiotherapist.

Frozen Shoulder

[Source: Ekdin, 27th March 2010]

PIn medical terms it is know as ‘Peri-Arthritis’ or ‘Adhesive Capsulitis’. Physiotherapy involving exercise helps cure such diseases.
I have nothing but praise for your fabulous services. You have been most accommodating and have gone over and above what was expected.
P. Lalit – Doctor of Medicine

In recent years coaching golf has changed dramatically. Today’s top golf coaches are beginning to understand the importance of sport science, coaching teams and integration.
Dr C. Roy – Doctor of Medicine

I have seen Hironmoy for many years, his dedication and untiring effort towards profession makes him unique. He is a gem in real.
Dr. Sushan Mukhrjee – Cardiac Surgeon

I have seen Dr Sil very closely. Beside being a very good physiotherapy consultant, he is a nice person too. I am happy to find him as my colleague..
Dr. Lalit Kapoor –  Cardiac Surgeon
He is the one of the greatest professional physiotherapist I have ever met. I am very thankful for the treatment he has provided to me. I wish.
Jagmohan Dalmiya –  Ex BCCI Cheif
I’m very happy with the physiotherapy services I’ve received at your clinic. Your initial assesment was very thorough and the exercises have helped. The clinic atmosphere is great..
Dr. Devi P. Shetty –  Cardiac Surgeon


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