Physiotherapy for Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common reason for missed days at work. likely  affects  the lower back and remedy is not  tough . you can find solution  in a few days or weeks. But some symptoms may be more serious.  Requiring a full assessment and diagnosis by an experienced Physiotherapist or Dr. Hironmoy Sill. Physiotherapy and Occupational Health teams provide you a comprehensive treatment . Further more  advice on-site workplace or workstation assessments to help those experiencing back pain.

Understanding Your Back

Veritbrae are 24 separate bones connected together by ligaments and soft tissue.  likely help to evenly distribute weight and rotate the body. The spinal cord passes through the centre of each vertebrae.  likely  the cord ending in the lower back and spinal nerve exits from the spinal cord. Postural muscles also help to maintain the shape and curves of the spine.


Poor posture and lack of movement are the most common causes of back pain. Solution is very easy , physiotherapy is your answer . Other complex causes include disc prolapse, joint impingement, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis, arthritis or fracture. The spinal cord is attached to the spine and provides support and postural muscles to help maintain the shape and curves of the spine. The cord ends in the lower back and becomes a series of strands called the “cauda equina” (horses tail).


Postural back pain is a low-grade ache.  so will  relieve with light exercise or avoiding long periods of sitting. conditions such as prolapsed discs, fracture, facet joint impingement or nerve root compression may acts on for back pain . Symptoms include pins and needles, pain going down the back or front of the leg, more severe back pain, especially when bending forward, and excessive levels of stiffness in the lower back. An experienced Physiotherapist can diagnose the cause and provide appropriate treatment, management and advice.

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